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Summer Camps 2017

Summer is not over yet! RTA still has a few openings in our summer classes. See the listings below.

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River Tree Arts Summer Camps for KIDS!

River Tree Arts Camps offer students of all ages and levels of experience a wide range of workshops taught by teaching artists. Our Camps and Workshops are structured to provide the community a variety of options to accommodate busy summer schedules. Camps include, clay, drawing, dance, painting, juggling, metalsmithing, collaborative projects and more.
All camps are age specific.


*** Full-Day options available for back-to-back camps ***

Students enrolled in back-to-back camps have the option to stay for the 1hr lunch/recreation hour. Students choosing this option are advised to pack a lunch and water bottle to keep them fueled throughout the day.

1-Day/3hr Camps Half-day Fee: $40 (members $35)
1-Day/3hr Camps Full-day Fee: $85 (members $75)

3-Day Camps / Half Day – Fee: $85 (members $75)
3 -Day Camps / Full Day – Fee: $185 (members $165)

5-Day Camps / Half Day: $145 (members $130)
5-Day Camps / Full Day: $265 (members $240)

Please be advised, there are absolutely no early drop-off or late pick-up options available during our summer programs. RTA’s doors will open for camps, promptly at 9am and no earlier. Please contact the front desk with any questions or concerns.

Pre-K (ages 3-5)

Aug. 16


2 SPOTS LEFT! Register here

Wednesday, 10-11am
Pre-K, Preschool & Kindergarten
Instructor: Barbara Fraser
A great class to introduce your young one to music and expressive movement. A creative introduction to the magic of multicultural stories with musical instruments from all over the world, different styles of dance, drumming, singing, and themes to fit the time of year. All students to be accompanied by an adult.
Fee: $20 (members $15)


Grades Entering 1+

Aug. 29-31

Grades  1+ // Tues | Wed | Thurs, 9-12pm

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Instructor: William Hessian
Fur, scales, beaks and feathers. This painting class will use acrylic paint in a step by step process to understand the best way to paint detailed and exciting paintings of your favorite animals. Each student will choose the animal they like best and then as a class we will go through the steps: sketch/composition, underpainting, color matching,  editing, and final details. 12 student maximum.  
Fee: $85 (members $75)


Grades Entering 4+

Aug. 15-17

PLEIN AIR – MODERN ART Grades 3+ // Tues | Wed | Thurs, 9-12pm

Instructor: Abbeth Russell
Explore the history of 20th century art while exploring the world around you. We will learn about modern art by drawing and painting the great outdoors in a variety of styles. There will be an art show at the end of the week. 10 student maximum.
Fee: $85 (members $75)

DRAWING & PAINTING CLUB (NEW) Grades 3+ // Tues | Wed | Thurs, 1-4pm

Instructor: Abbeth Russell
In this class we will experiment with many fun drawing and painting games to spark your creativity.  Scribble drawing, who what where, making a board game, and monster dice are just a few.  You will use what you learn from these activities to create your own body of work and your own art show at the end of the week. 10 student maximum.
Fee: $85 (members $75)


Aug. 22-24

SKETCH O’CLOCK (NEW) Grades 3+ // Tues | Wed | Thurs, 9-12pm

3 SPOTS LEFT! Register here

Instructor: Abbeth Russell
Armed with a sketchbook and a couple of pens, everyone in this camp will create their own personal world through drawing.  We will look into the sketchbooks of some of the coolest contemporary artists for inspiration.  We will play drawing games that will produce strange and exciting results.  There are no limits on what you can draw and write in your sketchbook.  You will never want to leave home without it again. 12 student maximum.
Fee: $85 (members $75)

ALTERED BOOKS (NEW) Grades 3+ // Tues | Wed | Thurs, 1-4pm

3 SPOTS LEFT! Register here

Instructor: Abbeth Russell
In this class students will transform old books into works of art.  Altered books can become anything from sculptures to personal journals.  The instructor will guide students based on their individual interests.  You will be introduced to new artists, ideas, and techniques that will provide inspiration.  We will constantly push the limits and discover that art is a tool for self-exploration. 12 student maximum.
Fee: $85 (members $75)


Aug 15

 Grades 3-8 // Tuesday, 9-12pm 

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Do you love to accessorize? Join us and learn to make your own personalized accessories…hair scrunches, headbands, ribbons, phone cases, bags…the list goes on. This class is designed to let the creative juices flow and students will learn how to operate a sewing machine by the end of class. 8 student maximum.
Fee: $40 (members $35)

Aug. 29-31


PRINTMAKING: Stencils, Stamps & Linoleum (NEW) Grades 3+ Tues | Wed | Thurs, 1-4pm

2 SPOTS LEFT! Register here

Instructor: William Hessian
Spraying, cutting and stamping. This class challenges the students to make a series of prints in three different mediums. Each medium involves a different style of printmaking and will allow for students to come up with many designs during the class. At the end of this class each student will have a collection of prints that make great gifts and display an array of printmaking skills. 10 student maximum.
Fee: $85 (members $75)


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