Welcomes you to our 3rd annual

~ 100 x 100, 2016 ~

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We had a very fun and well attended event, Friday Aug. 12 and we’re so grateful to all who attended!  For those who missed the event and a chance to purchase a piece of artwork for $100, you’re in luck! 
Below is a list of all the work that is still currently hanging on the walls of our gallery and for sale throughout the month of August.

A couple key things to note:

  • All artwork is $100 + tax
  • All artwork was donated 100% by our very talented and generous artists from around New England.
  • All proceeds directly benefit the many programs we offer at River Tree Arts all year round
  • Shipment options are available for those who are out of state. See below for details.
  • You may purchase artwork over the phone (207) 967-9120 or in person at 35 Western Ave. Kennebunk Maine.
  • The majority of artwork is 10″x 10″ with the acceptation of #1 thru #11. Please contact us if you have any questions about the artwork below.

Linda Ward      Susan Mesick     Heather Katie Aziz     William Hessian1

1. Linda Ward (6″x6″)            2. Susan Mesick (6″x6″)             3. Heather Katie Aziz              4. William Hessian

William Hessian     IMG_6871      Steve Painter3     Steve Painter2

5. William Hessian                  6. Chris Becker                             7. Steve Painter                      8. Steve Painter

Steve Painter1     Debbie Hamel     John Andrews     Rachel Morse

9. Steve Painter                      10. Debbie Hamel                        11. John Andrews                  12. Rachel Morse

Anne McNulty     Diane Edgecomb     Daniela DiGiovanni     Drew Irvine1

13. Anne McNulty                  14. Diane Edgecomb                  15. Daniela DiGiovanni         16. Drew Irvine

Rae Ingwersen     Finona Washburn     Erin McCuster     Linda Ward copy

17. Rae Ingwersen                 18. Fiona Washburn                19. Erin McCusker                   20. Linda Ward

Polly Moak     Lianne Lewin     Marie Wilson-Lago     Vicky Costakis

21. Polly Moak                       22. Lianne Lewin                   23. Marie Wilson-Lago              24. Vicky Costakis

Laura Savard     Sara Tremblay     Lianne Lewin1     Brad Maushart

25. Laura Savard                   26. Sara Tremblay                27. Lianne Lewin                     28. Brad Maushart

Gloria Day     Diane Edgecomb1     John Ripton     Leah Payne

29. Gloria Day                     30. Diane Edgecomb             31. John Ripton                       32. Leah Payne

Sheila O'Neil Clough     Rebekah Lowell     Suzanne M. Payne     Rachel Grover

33. Sheila O’Neil Clough   34. Rebekah Lowell             35. Suzanne M. Payne           36. Rachel Grover

Heather     Pat Weeks     Derek Drinon     Gayle Fitzpatrick

37. Heather Lewis              38. Pat Weeks                      39. Derek Drinon                   40. Gayle Fitzpatrick

Anne McNulty1     Kell-Jo Shows     Daneila DiGiovanni1     Diane Edgecomb2

41. Ann McNulty                 42. Kelly-Jo Shows             43. Daniela DiGiovanni         44. Diane Edgecomb

Drew Irvine     Vicky Costakis1     Robert Dennis smaller     Rachel Grover1

45. Drew Irvine                    46. Vicky Costakis               47. Robert Dennis               48. Rachel Grover

Dawn            *** RED text indicates that artwork has been sold ***

49. Dawn Maron

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