Our annual summer fundraising event was a huge success. We sold over 60 pieces of art and raised over $6,000. This money will help our non-profit organization run through out the upcoming year.

THANK YOU to all those who participated. Including the patrons, our sponsors and, of course, the artists.


List of artists who generously contributed to this year’s success:

  • Marilyn Eimon
  • Mike Maron
  • Janis Carty
  • Sara Tremblay
  • Ingunn Jorgensen
  • Andrea Mabee
  • Barbara Berry
  • Eloise Genest
  • Steve Painter
  • Pamala Crabb
  • Marie Wilson-Lago
  • Andrea Kimmich
  • Diane Noble
  • Jude Brownstein
  • Daniela Wenzel
  • Rae Ingwersen
  • RL Fagerlund
  • Sherry Colt
  • Dawn Burns
  • Susan Colburn
  • Marguerite Genest
  • Paula Gagnon
  • Nick Howley
  • Russel Whitten
  • Anne Gable Allaire
  • Geraldine Aikman
  • Linda Ward
  • Lisa@Lisart
  • Brendan Roddy
  • Heather Lewis


And thank you to our sponsors!




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