~ A Special Thank You ~

All of us at River Tree Arts would like to thank our incredibly supportive community for such a successful 100×100 fundraising event last night! We felt your love and support and are so grateful.

Monies raised go directly to our community programs, facilities, and supplies. Stay tuned to our social media and website for pieces that didn’t find a home and for the grand total of how much we raised. More art show events, performances, classes, and community events are made possible through your donations and support.

Thank you to all of these talented artists who generously donated their works for our fundraising event:

Anne Allaire
Agnes Baker
Joseph Barnett
Barbara Berry
Paul Bonneau
Deborah Brodeur
Jude Brownstein
Heather Bruhl
Janis Carty
Sarah Cassani
Piper Castles
Rebecca Cote
Pamela Crabb
Tim Dowling
Marilyn Eimon
Amy Rose Fecteau
Ruth Fernandez
Eileen Foley
John Forssen
Anne Gable
Paula Gagnon
Carol Gagnon
Marguerite Genest
Sharon Grisman
Nicholas Howley
Rae Ingwersen
Jenne James
Stacey Johnson
Madelyn Kasprzak
Mary Anne Kennedy
Adrienne Kernan LaVallée
Michael Lee
Annie Lemieux
Heather Lewis
Holly Lombardo
Rebecca Lowell
Angelique Mace Luro
Scott McNeff
Amanda McWhirk
Kate Moore
Emily Moore
Coburn Mott
Diane Noble
Jo O’Connor
Deborah Randall
Leslie Robbins
Brendan Roddy
Holly Ross
Susan Runk
Abbeth Russel
Donna Sabaka
Anne Teguis
Linda Thompson
Nora Tryon
Mary Beth Vihon
Linda Ward
Russel Whitten

Thank You to the Seabreeze Duo who performed lovely music throughout the evening: Barbara Berry and Mary Kennedy.\

Thank You to our dedicated and hard-working Gallery Committee who spent countless hours putting together this amazing evening!

Ann Corby
Paula Gagnon
Marguerite Genest
Nicholas Howley
Rae Ingwersen
Heather Lewis
Brendan Roddy


And lastly, thank you to the River Tree Arts Staff and Board of Directors for their support and dedication to making RTA such a vibrant part of the community.

The fundraiser continues!

There is still time to make a $100 donation to River Tree and take home an original painting made by local artists. You can view the pieces on display at the River Tree lobby and can purchase a piece through the front desk.

Thank you to all of our generous contributors who help to keep our non-profit organization a vibrant part of this community.


Here are some of the amazing pieces that are available:











2018 100 x 100 Event




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