Join River Tree Arts dance instructor Miss Dolly for a 6-week dance camp outside!

A fun and safe way for students to enjoy the summer outside making friends and dancing! Each week, new styles and techniques will be learned.

Classes have a limit of 8 attendees, are suitable for all abilities, and will be held outdoors at Washington Hose Field, 159 Port Rd. Kennebunk.

All campers will have their own space to dance and markings will be in place to keep a safe 6 foot distance. 

Please note: In the event of rain, classes will be held remotely online via zoom at the same scheduled time.

TUESDAYS July 7 – August 11 (6 weeks)
Summer Dance (Grades 3-4)
Summer Dance (Grades 5-6)
Summer Dance (Grades 7+)

WEDNESDAYS July 8 – August 12 (6 weeks)
Summer Dance (Grades 3-4)
Summer Dance (Grades 5-6)
Summer Dance (Grades 7+)


Dance Schedule Sept 2019 – May 2020

**Registration is CLOSED**

River Tree Arts dance programs with Angela Russell and Dolly Nguyen, are a great way to exercise, have fun and refine dancing skills! Students will perform at Huntington Common and other various events during the year as well as a formal recital in May. 

3:45-4:3045minGrades K-1Ballet/LyricalDollyFULL
4:30-5:1545minGrades 1-4Tap /JazzDolly
5:15-6:0045minGrades 2-4Ballet/LyricalDolly
6:00-6:4545minGrades 7+Modern / Contemporary / ChoreographyDollyFULL
6:45-7:3045minGrades 8+Ballet/LyricalDolly
7:30-8:0030minGrades 8+Competitive – ContemporaryDolly*must be enrolled in ballet/lyrical
3:15-3:4530minPreK (ages 3-5)BalletDollyFULL
3:45-4:3045minGrades K-2Hip-HopDollyFULL
3:45-4:1545minGrades 5-7Competitive Irish StepAngela*must be enrolled in a regular Irish class
4:15-5:0045minGrades 6+Irish StepAngela
4:30-5:1545minGrades K-2Hip-HopDollyFULL
5:00-5:4545minGrades 5-7Competitive Hip HopAngela
5:45-6:1530minGrades 5+Competitive JazzAngela*must be enrolled in either a ballet/lyrical class or tap/jazz class
6:15-7:0045minGrades 5+Tap / JazzAngela
7:00-7:3030minTechnique*free if registered for comp class

*must be registered in a comp class

3:15-3:4530minPreK (ages 3-5)Hip-HopDollyFULL
3:45-4:3045minGrades 1-4Hip-Hop (Boys)Dolly
4:30-5:1545minGrades 3-5Hip-HopDollyFULL
5:15-6:0045minGrades 3-4Competitive Hip-HopDolly
6:00-6:4545minGrades 6+Hip-HopDolly
6:45-7:4560minGrades 8+Competitive Hip-HopDolly
3:45-4:3045minGrades K-2Irish StepAngela
3:45-4:3045minGrades 5-7Ballet/LyricalDollyFULL
4:30-5:0030minGrades 5-7Competitive ContemporaryDolly*must be enrolled in ballet/lyrical
4:30-5:1545minGrades 3-5Hip-HopAngela
5:15-6:0045minGrades 3-5Irish StepAngelaFULL
6:00-7:0060minGrades 8+Competitive Irish StepAngela


Click here for our pricing sheet

(costumes are included in tuition fees)


* Discount for multi-class: $20 off your second class, $30 off your third class (applied to tuition only)

* Discount for siblings: $20 off for a second child, $30 off for third child (applied to tuition only)

Please register through the front desk to receive these discounts – not available with online registrations. Call 207-967-9120 or


To register for a class that has already started contact us
phone: 207.967.9120



Photograph of our little dancers by Kelly Roy Photography

“The best part of dance class was getting to feel free”

“I love being able to take dance class and make new friends”

“Ms. Angela made class so fun and interesting”

“The environment is friendly and relaxed. My daughter has improved so much as each year passes – we are so happy”