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From private lessons to group ensembles, River Tree Arts offers the community a diverse selection of options.



For Adults & Kids:

At River Tree Arts, we have an amazing group of music teachers who provide private lessons for students of all ages & abilities. Ongoing enrollment is always available. Extra lessons & vacation week lessons are available upon request & teacher availability.

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Guitar – Violin – Piano – Drums – Ukulele – Bass



2018 Schedule

2018 Summer Session: July 9 – August 30 (8 weeks)

30min = $25 / lesson
45min = $37.50 / lesson
60min = $50 / lesson

* Please call us to discuss the flexibility of summer music lessons at River Tree Arts. We understand that students may have limited availability during the summer for lessons so we will do our best to accommodate busy schedules.

Guitar – Violin – Piano – Drums – Ukulele – Bass

(Voice lessons are currently unavailable during the summer months)

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Registration Information & Policies

River Tree Arts follows the RSU 21 calendar (Kennebunk/Kennebunkport/Arundel): No classes during school vacation and snow days.

Students may register at any time; ongoing registration is always available. Students who register once a session has started will be pro-rated for the remaining number of lessons.

River Tree Arts reserves the right to discontinue lessons with students whose overdue balance is equal to or greater than the amount of TWO music lessons.  Teachers will be notified and the students will receive a cancellation notice.

Teacher Absences:

All teacher absences, including lessons missed for snow days, will be made up or a refund will be issued.

Student Absences:

An absence is excused if the office is notified no later than 10:00am on the day of the missed lesson.

You may report an absence by calling the main number at 207-967-9120 or emailing Kym at kym@rivertreearts.org . Without proper notice, for any reason, the student will forfeit the lesson and be billed for an unexcused absence. Failure to notify RTA will result in an unexcused absence & will not be credited, refunded or made up at a future date.

  • Teachers are obligated to make up ONE excused lesson per semester.
  • Missing more than ONE excused lesson, even with prior notification, will not be credited, refunded or made up at a future date. Private lesson students are requested to adhere to their lesson schedules. A regular lesson time is reserved for students and our teachers rely on having a consistent schedule.

Recurring Absences:

When students are repeatedly absent and / or miss multiple lessons consecutively without prior arrangements, River Tree Arts reserves the right to discontinue lessons and / or fill the time slot with another student. We value our faculty member’s time & commitment to RTA and ask private lesson students to adhere to their lesson schedules.

Make-up Lessons:

  • Registering for a lesson day and time contracts the assigned teacher for your specific day and time weekly. Teachers are restricted from teaching students outside of this time, unless it is necessary to do so to make up a teacher absence. Teachers are obligated to make up one excused lesson per semester.
  • Teachers are not obligated to wait more than 10 minutes after the start time of a lesson for tardy students, and are not obligated to make up that missed time.
  • If the teacher must reschedule a lesson, the student should be notified 24 hours in advance. The missed lesson may be made up in several ways:
  • – Adding additional time to future lessons (i.e. adding 15 min. to the next two lessons)
  • – Scheduling an hour-long lesson on a future date, or
  • – Rescheduling the lesson for another day and time within the current session


Because of the faculty’s full schedules, students who are late for a lesson cannot be guaranteed their full lesson time. Faculty will wait ten minutes for a student; students are asked to do the same. Faculty tardiness will be made up at a mutually convenient time.


To withdraw from a lesson or class, students must send written notification to the front desk at least one week prior to the final lesson date. Informing the teacher of the withdrawal will not be considered a full notice of withdrawal, and students will be billed accordingly.

Scholarship/Financial Aid

River Tree Arts will provide financial assistance to students provided there is money available in the scholarship fund. Eligibility is based on merit and financial need.  The application is on our website www.rivertreearts.org

Instrument / Practice Guidelines:

All students are required to provide their own instruments for study. (Information about instrument rental and/or purchase is available from your RTA teacher). At each lesson, students will receive a lesson assignment detailing what is to be practiced during the coming week. Students are encouraged to practice for shorter periods each day (as little as 10 minutes each day will make a difference for a beginner) rather than one longer session the day before the lesson


The RTA sponsors end-of-the year recitals. Students have the opportunity to prepare and perform on these recitals as a celebration of their accomplishments during the year.  Students will perform at the discretion of their assigned RTA teacher. River Tree Arts offers students many performing opportunities during the year both in the community and at River Tree Arts. Please speak with your teacher for more information about upcoming events.

Student Discipline:

All RTA students are expected to behave with the highest respect to the School of Music facilities, RTA teachers, and other RTA students. RTA teachers reserve the right to immediately end any lesson due to disciplinary problems of any student. Disciplinary infractions of any kind will be referred first to the parents, and, if continuing, to RTA supervisors for disciplinary action. Disciplinary action may involve termination from the RTA program.

A student may be dismissed with no refund of tuition for the following reasons:

  • Three consecutive absences
  • Disciplinary problems
  • Failure to make prompt payments

Emergency Closings/Inclement Weather:

RTA follows the RSU 21 snow day / inclement weather policy; When RSU 21 closes due to inclement weather; all group classes and private music lessons will be canceled. If RSU 21 has early dismissal, there will be no afterschool classes / lessons. River Tree Arts reserves the right to cancel courses, substitute instructors, change course times, and limit enrollment.

We thank you for your patronage. We strive to provide each student with high quality instruction from fine instructors. Please feel free to contact River Tree Arts with any questions or concerns. We look forward to a wonderful year.

Call today to set up your first lesson! (207) 967-9120