~ River Tree Art’s Music School ~

From private lessons to group ensembles, River Tree Arts offers the community a diverse selection of options. Guitar – Voice – Piano – Drums – Ukulele – Bass – Violin


Music lessons will be offered both in-person (at River Tree Arts) and virtually via ZOOM. 

Lessons will switch to full virtual if situations warrant. Ongoing enrollment is available provided there is availability. Music lessons are automatically scheduled in 30 minute increments unless students request otherwise. See below for updated schedules, policies and procedures. 


TO REGISTER:  email kym@rivertreearts.org


Winter 2021 : January 4 – 15  Early Start Session (first 2 weeks of virtual lessons)
   Monday lessons: 12 weeks = $342.00
Tuesday – Friday lessons: 13 weeks = $370.50


Winter 2021 : January 19 – April 8
   Monday lessons: 10 weeks = $285.00
Tuesday-Friday lessons: 11 weeks = $313.50



Pay In Full:

    • Discounted rates for payments in full (5% discount)
    • Per lesson fee = $28.50 (30min) ; $42.00 (45min) ; $56.00 (60min)


    • 2 automatic installments charged : 1st) at registration ; 2nd) TBD
    • Automatic charges per signed agreement giving RTA permission to charge card on file
    • Per lesson fee = $31.50 (30min lesson) ; $45.00 (45min lesson) ; $60.00 (60min)


We offering a rolling admission and can accept students at any time.

We accept payment by check, mailed to RTA (35 Western Ave, Kennebunk, ME 04043) or by card over the phone. Please contact info@rivertreearts.org or 207-967-9120 to make a payment today.

  • Payment plans are available upon request, please email kym@rivertreearts.org for assistance. 
  • No refunds, credits or reimbursements will be issued if in-person lessons need to switch to virtual instruction for any reason.

TO REGISTER:  email kym@rivertreearts.org

Registration Information & Policies


  • River Tree Arts is implementing many new policies and procedures in response to COVID-19. Please read River Tree Arts COVID-19 Protocols and Guidelines.
  • Students will be able to choose either in-person lessons or virtual lessons via ZOOM.
  • Masks should be worn by everyone when entering and exiting the building, including caregivers and students.
  • Masks will be worn by instructors and students at all times.
  • There will be 15 minutes between each student to allow for proper disinfecting of the area of use in between each student. 
  • Shared equipment will be sanitized between each student.
  • Students are only allowed in the building at the time of their lesson. No early drop off/late pick.
  • Students and caregivers are asked to pre-screen with the Wellness Checklist before entering the building. Download the Wellness Checklist here.
  • Students or caregivers who are sick are asked to stay home until they are feeling better and only return once they meet the requirements of the Wellness Checklist.
  • Snacks will not be permitted in the building. Water bottles will be allowed.
  • A newly completed and updated RTA consent form will be required before the first lesson. 


Virtual Lessons:

  • If at any time we need to stop or pause in person instruction, all lessons will automatically switch to virtual instruction (currently via ZOOM but subject to change) for as long as necessary.
  • No refunds/credits will be issued if in-person lessons have to switch to virtual instruction for any reason.
  • Virtual lessons will also be used when in person lessons are not possible ie) a teacher gets sick but is able to teach from home, RTA makes a call to close for any reason. 
  • Virtual ZOOM lessons will be held at the same time and day of regular lessons unless otherwise noted by the instructor.


MakeUps, Cancellations & Missed Lessons:

  • Registering for any lesson time (in-person or virtual) contracts the assigned teacher for your specific day and time weekly. Our teachers rely on having a consistent schedule. 
  • Students are allowed ONE missed lesson per session that will be made up. All other missed lessons will be charged and no make ups should be expected. 
  • No refunds will be issued for any missed lessons. 
  • Lessons that are canceled by the teacher will be made up on designated make-up days or at an otherwise mutually agreed upon date and time.
  • River Tree Arts follows the RSU21 inclement weather policy. When RSU21 is closed or issues an early dismissal then River Tree Arts is closed and lessons will be canceled.
  • There are two makeup weeks built into the calendar for cancellations made by River Tree Arts. No refunds are issued for snow days and instead a maximum of (2) missed lessons due to inclement weather will be made up. An arrangement will be made for additional missed lessons due to snow. 
  • Make-up lessons may or may not take place on the same day and time as your current lesson.


Trial Lessons

  • An introductory free trial lesson is available to new Virtual students at this time. This is subject to change based on instructor availability. This offer excludes in-person lessons at this time. 

Withdrawal from the Program

  • To withdraw from the music program before the end of the year, students and/or guardians must send written notification to Kym Mabee (info@rivertreearts.org) with two weeks advance notice. The two weeks will start after communication has been received and acknowledged in writing. 
  • A prorated refund will be issued for the amount remaining after the two week notification date.
  • If a student has not been attending regular lessons and then calls to withdraw, we are not able to issue a refund for any of the lessons previously missed. 


Student Discipline 

  • All River Tree Arts students are expected to behave with the highest level of respect when engaging with our faculty, staff, facilities, equipment and other students. 
  • River Tree Arts reserves the right to immediately end any lesson due to disciplinary problems with any student.
  • Disciplinary infractions of any kind will first be referred to parents directly from the faculty member. 
  • If problematic behavior continues, the faculty member will include River Tree Arts staff and advisors in order to determine the appropriate disciplinary action. 
  • Disciplinary action may result in termination from the music program. 
  • Refunds will not be provided for withdrawal as a result of disciplinary action. 

Emergency Closings/Inclement Weather

RTA follows the RSU 21 snow day / inclement weather policy; When RSU 21 closes due to inclement weather; all group classes and private music lessons will be canceled. If RSU 21 has early dismissal, there will be no after school classes / lessons. River Tree Arts reserves the right to cancel courses, substitute instructors, change course times, and limit enrollment. We strive to provide each student with high quality instruction from fine instructors and thank you for your patronage.


Please feel free to contact River Tree Arts with any questions or concerns.

info@rivertreearts.org ; 207-967-9120 ; RTA: 35 Western Ave, Kennebunk, ME 04043



Call today to set up your first lesson! (207) 967-9120