We are thrilled to be offering photography workshops this fall! Local photographer, Michael Wilson, will be teaching fun and informative workshops designed to appeal to different levels of experience. See below for full details

Up-coming Workshops!

Nov. 14 – Mastering your photography

Saturday, 9am – 5pm

Skill Level – Intermediate to advanced

A workshop designed to help advanced photographers to master their skills. This course will cover manual controls of your camera and how best to use these to your advantage. The course will focus on controlling lighting, both continuous source and flash. We will address composition questions and talk about creating engaging images for others. This is a great workshop if you’re ready to step up your photography game. I will sit down with you one on one and discuss your existing work and how to build off you strengths.

$100/members,  $110/non-members


For more information about Michael and his amazing work, please visit: