All students under the age of 18 years old must have a yearly consent form on file. It is the parent’s responsibility to have the form filled out and returned to the front desk prior to the beginning of any class session. You can download a Consent Form here. It is essential for parents to include pertinent medical and/or behavioral information on the consent form alongside making sure to contact us at kym@rivertreearts.org prior to the beginning of a class to discuss.


In all cases and circumstances, River Tree Arts will call 911 and Staff/Faculty will abide by and follow all EMS/911 instructions during a medical emergency concerning your child. The Parent/Guardian will be notified by River Tree Arts Staff at the earliest opportunity.


We recommend that all parents walk their children to the front entrance of River Tree and then children can walk into the building and classroom themselves. It is, however, optional for a parent to walk the child directly to their classroom. The parking lot gets busy with traffic and parents/students should use caution when using the crosswalk. Doors will open 5 minutes before the start of class time. Parents and caregivers may enter the building 5 minutes prior to their child’s class ending.


Students in any classes for grades 5 and under will not be dismissed from class without a parent/caregiver present to check them out of the classroom. Please pick up your children directly from the classroom and check-in with the instructor so that they know the child is being dismissed. Parents are asked to wait in the parking lot until 5 minutes prior to the end of class – we do not want to crowd the lobby waiting area.


NEW FOR 2023/2024: Students from most schools in the RSU 21 School District (Kennebunk High School, Middle School of the Kennebunks, Kennebunk Elementary School, Sea Road School and Kennebunkport Consolidated School) may take the bus to River Tree Arts for classes and lessons that start at 3:30 or 3:45pm only. There are no exceptions for classes starting later.

Kennebunk High School: Bus # 43 

Kennebunk Consolidated School Bus: # 19

Middle School of the Kennebunks: Bus 34

Kennebunk Elementary School: Bus #11

Sea Road School Bus: # 26


What you need to know? 

      • Because our lobby space is small at River Tree Arts, and because we have limited staff who could monitor everyone, we are putting these guidelines in place to ensure a safe learning environment for all our students:
      • Students will be met off the bus on Western Ave by a class assistant, faculty or staff member and escorted into the building.
      • Once inside, they will go to their allocated waiting area where students are required to wait quietly. The time between when the bus arrives and a class begins is considered “quiet time” and there is no teaching instruction. Students should come prepared with something to keep them occupied like a book, nut-free snack or other non-electronic option for while they wait.
        • Dance students will wait in the dance studio and teacher/class assistant will be present.
        • Art students will wait in the art studio with the teacher/other adult.
        • Music students will wait in the upstairs music lobby. Music faculty will be teaching upstairs.
        • The front desk has coverage during these times for any students needing assistance.
      • If time permits, snacks may be eaten. RTA is a NUT-FREE facility. 
      • All classes and lessons will start at the scheduled time. If the buses run late, we are unable to wait and students will join the class/lessons upon their arrival.
      • In the event that a student doesn’t attend school, RTA is to be notified so we do not expect them off the bus. 
      • If a student is expected but does not arrive off the bus, RTA will call the family first, and will then make contact with the bus barn/schools.

What classes can use the bus?

Only these classes may use the bus drop off option – there are no accommodations for classes not listed:

Early Release Workshops:

Students may take the bus to RTA for our early release workshops that take place on the first Wednesday of each month. Workshops run from 12:30-2:30pm.

Music lessons: 

Students who have a lesson at 3:30 or 4:00 may take the bus and wait quietly in the music lobby. No exceptions for later lesson times.

Art Classes:

Monday – bus drop off not available

Wednesday – bus drop off available: Painting Explorations, 3:30-5:00pm

Thursday – bus drop off not available

Dance Classes:

Monday: Grades 1-3 Ballet/Lyrical, 3:45-4:30pm

Tuesday: Grades 1-4 Ballet/Tap/Jazz, 3:45-4:30pm

Wednesday: Grades 1-3 Hip Hop, 3:45-4:30pm

Thursday: Grades 2-5 Musical Theater, 3:45-4:30pm


Registration takes place prior to the beginning of each session. Students are not considered registered until payment has been made. Students registering mid-session will be charged for lessons or classes remaining in the month or session.

  • Please register for group classes in art, music, theater, and dance online.
  • Registration is not complete until payment is made.
  • If you are unable to register online, please email info@rivertreearts.org for help


You may withdraw from a course 14+ days prior to the first class and receive a 100% refund. You will receive a 50% refund if you withdraw within 2 weeks of class starting. If you withdraw within 1 week prior to the first class, no refund will be given. There are no refunds once a class begins. If River Tree Arts cancels a course, you will receive a 100% refund in the same form as the original payment was made or choose to be issued a credit towards a future class (credit must be used within one year of issue). Due to a COVID quarantine, we will follow the same refund policy. If you or your child is quarantining and has to miss a class, refunds will not be given.


River Tree Arts reserves the right to cancel any camps or classes that do not have a minimum number of 4 students, depending on the course being offered. Students will be notified at least 72 hours in advance. If River Tree Arts cancels a course, you will receive a 100% refund in the same form as the original payment was made.

River Tree Arts reserves the right to cancel courses, substitute instructors, change course times, and limit enrollment. Every attempt will be made to run after school classes in the event the primary instructor is not available: this includes substitute teachers and/or changing the class theme for the day.

Snow Cancellations

River Tree Arts will update our facebook and website home page by 10am in the event of a full day closing or delayed opening due to inclement weather.

If the weather worsens later in the day (after 10am), RTA may still cancel afternoon and evening classes. Students would be notified by email of closings decided after 10am. Students are encouraged to check their emails, facebook and website before heading over to RTA if the weather changes later in the day.

We pay close attention to what our local school district (RSU 21) does as well as other local organizations and businesses. Decisions are based on the safety of road conditions for commuting, entrances/exits/parking shoveled and plowed as well as other factors that could pose an inconvenience to open or stay open. We will use our best judgment when making these decisions and appreciate your understanding and flexibility.

A maximum of (2) missed classes due to snow days will be made up at a later date in the session. Classes will not be held virtually on snow days.


Currently, snacks are prohibited in children’s classes unless specifically noted by the instructor. We do encourage children to bring a water bottle each day.

Nut-Free Facility
River Tree Arts is a nut-free facility for all patrons.


Use of Electronic Devices at River Tree Arts (for those under the age of 18): Cell phones and other electronic devices must be turned off and kept out of sight during class time, unless otherwise directed by the instructor. This policy is intended to support student learning while minimizing student distractions and disruptions. Students may use their cell phones only to reach out to their caretakers when necessary. The instructor has the final authority over acceptable cell phone usage. We recommend leaving electronic devices at home.


River Tree Arts is continually working to provide the best possible services to the community. We encourage your suggestions and/or comments regarding your experience with us. Please call our office at (207) 967-9120 or e-mail us at info@rivertreearts.org with your feedback. Your comments are very much appreciated. Thank you.