All participants MUST fill out and submit a Waiver PRIOR to the start of any class at River Tree Arts.

You can find our consent for here.

Registration Information
Registration takes place prior to the beginning of each month, with many classes offering open enrollment. Students are not considered registered until payment has been made.

If you prefer to pay by check or by cash at the front desk when arriving for class, RTA policy mandates that your credit card info must be put on file. Your card will not be charged if you pay by check or cash at class arrival. If you do not arrive for the first class, your card will be charged for the full value of the event.

Monthly installment plans are available for music lessons; at least one month must be paid prior to the first lesson. Students registering mid-month will be charged for lessons or classes remaining in the month or session. River Tree Arts accepts Visa & Mastercard by phone or checks by mail or in person.

Withdrawal and Refund Policy
You may withdraw from a course at least one week prior to the first class or lesson and receive a 100% refund. If you withdraw less than a week prior to the first class, you will receive a 50% refund. There are no refunds once a class begins. If River Tree Arts cancels a course, you will receive a 100% refund in the same form as the original payment was made or choose to be issued a credit towards a future class (credit must be used within one year of issue).

Cancellation Policy
If RSU 21 closes due to inclement weather, all group classes and private music lessons will be canceled. If RSU 21 has early dismissal, there will be no afterschool classes or private lessons. Make ups will be scheduled. River Tree Arts reserves the right to cancel courses, substitute instructors, change course times, and limit enrollment. Every attempt will be made to run after school classes in the event the primary instructor is not available: this includes substitute teachers and/or changing the class theme for the day.

Students under 18 must have the prior approval of RTA staff to register for adult classes, unless class is designated Adult & Teen.
River Tree Arts will assume no responsibility for any loss, personal or physical.
With enrollment, a student consents to being photographed in classes or activities which may be used by River Tree Arts in future promotional efforts without specific written permission from the student. Parents must notify RTA staff if they do not want their child photographed.
Pick up policy for after school classes: Students must be picked up at the end of class. Only parents or authorized adults are allowed to remove children from class. Children in grades K-high school are not allowed to leave the building without an permitted adult. Students in grades 6-12 grade may leave unattended if we have written or verbal permission. Otherwise, we can not release a child from class unless accompanied by an authorized adult.
Students who create a distracting or challenging environment may be dismissed without refund after a faculty warning and conference with the parent.

Private Music Lessons Attendance Policy
Students are allowed one (1) excused absence per semester. Additional absences are considered unexcused absences and will be charged at the regular lesson rate. Unexcused absences cannot be carried over to the next session for make-ups. If needed, additional make-up lessons may be arranged between the student and the teacher. All lessons, classes, and workshops missed because of instructor absence or school closing will be made up or refunded.

Return Check Policy
River Tree Arts charges a fee of $25.00 on every returned check.

Information We Collect
When you donate, become a member or register for a course you are required to provide personal and contact information. This information is used to manage your account, complete business and contact you about your account and various services we offer.
The information we collect is compliant with U.S. regulatory guidelines and includes, but is not limited to your name, physical address, telephone number and email address. Additionally, we may record and retain your communications with us for quality control purposes as well as for assistance in resolving misunderstandings.