Art Parties: Adult & Family Nights!

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Adult Art parties are a fun night out with friends, a glass of wine and a table of art supplies. Family Art Parties are a monthly event, centered around a creative project for all ages

Forget about taking your art seriously! Don’t worry if you can’t draw a straight line! Art parties are a fun night out with friends, a glass of wine and a table of art supplies. Each evening will focus on a different painting style, skill, artist or medium. We can’t promise you’ll leave with a masterpiece, but we can promise that you’ll have fun!
6-8pm, $25 per person OR 2 for $40 (must register both people at the same time). Registration ends Monday prior to class, 12pm. BYOB

February 4: Hand-Fabricated Link Bracelet, with Alice Carroll
Create small individual links out of semi-precious metals to form a bracelet. Pliers and various hammers will be used in forming and texturing the links. There will be demonstrations as well as plenty of work time to create & finish your own linked bracelet.

February 11: Sunflower Study with Watercolor, with Russel Whitten
Pretend it’s summer & learn to paint sunflowers. Worried about spilling a few drops of wine on your painting? It’s ok, you’ll be working with watercolors!

February 25: Decoupage Under Glass, with Jude Brownstein
Collage takes a fun turn using the ancient art of decoupage when you
let your canvas become a clear glass plate! Come to the party and let Jude show you a new way to experience the plate as a decorative item
in your home as well as a lovely gift. Jude’s work is currently on display in River Tree Art’s Irvine Gallery.

March 4: Bhangra Dance, with Taylor Maurand
Bhangra (pronounced kind of like “bhung-ger-ah”) is a traditional dance form from the Punjab region of northern India. It is extremely popular across India and is frequently danced at weddings and other celebrations. The music blends modern styles with traditional beats and is fast, fun, and high-energy. One of the side-benefits that students will get from taking Bhangra is an excellent cardio workout: it happens automatically, as you get engulfed in the music and the movement. Easy to learn, perfect for novices!

March 11: Palette Painting, with Russel Whitten
Learn the basics of painting with a palette knife. Using acrylics & canvas board, you’ll discover the tricks artists use to paint with this versatile & forgiving technique.

March 18: Art as Postcards, with Nancy Kureth
This class will focus on intentional collage within a confined space. Materials will be provided: if you would like to center your collage around a personal photograph or image, please bring to the party. Choose to frame your artwork or drop it in the mail for a friend.


Designed for families, these art parties are a chance to be creative together, have fun & relax at the end of the week.
March’s theme will highlight the culture of Mardi Gras with mask-making. Artist Nancy Kureth will lead the group, with each person in the family making their own project.
Family Art Parties are for all ages, with parents helping the littlest ones. All materials provided. Please call to register by March 6, 12pm.
The next Family Art Party will be in April (TBA) with a spring project!

“I DID have fun and will definitely come again. I came in with low expectations of what I would be able to do, and ended up with something I really like” – C.Clark, Ogunquit
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