Visual Art Programs offered at RTA

Visual Arts

Def: the arts created primarily for visual perception, such as drawing, graphics, painting, sculpture, and the decorative arts.  

River Tree Art’s visual art department provides high-quality enrichment experiences in the arts for children and teens and adults. At RTA we strive to cover many art disciplines to offer our community a variety of opportunity.  For children, adults and seniors, we have something for everyone and pride ourselves in the quality of education our faculty offers to students.  Visual Art Programs we offer include…


– Acrylic Painting

Learn to paint what you see with glowing color and light! Leave fear at the door as you learn to explore the many wonderful tips and techniques to make strong yet elegant compositions in acrylic painting. Students gain confidence as they develop observational skills and have fun experimenting with age old painting techniques. Acrylic Painting class for Adults is offered this fall.

Please see our Adult Programs page FMI.

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– Craft Nights!

Craft Night is an ongoing program that will offer a rotation of many different fun crafts and activities for you to try every Thursday night.  Expand on the creativity you already posses and join us for a creative and social evening every week.
* Workshop themes are subject to change. Call ahead to confirm details*

See CRAFT NIGHTS! for details and full list of workshops

– Drawing for Adults & Teens

Drawing with Russel:
Learn basic, yet important drawing fundamentals using different drawing utensils such as charcoal, conte, graphite and pen & ink. Whether you’re a beginner or just need to brush up on your skills, this class is designed for all levels of experience. Russel provides thorough and thoughtful explanations to allow you the insight needed to build skills and gain confidence using age-old techniques and exercises passed down from the masters.

FUNDAMENTALS OF DRAWING offered this fall!

– Drawing for Kids

Drawing Camp with William Hessian:
Do you want to be able to draw your favorite superheroes better? As a class we will go step by step, learning how to draw classic superheroes & a few villains too. Students are invited to bring in comics of their favorite superheroes to begin learning the fundamentals of drawing, sketching, inking, costume details and learning the figure. From Batman to Wolverine, and all the muscley men and women in between, bring your imaginations to these exciting classes!

How to Draw: Superheroes, Villains & Adventure Stories!
Each workshop focuses on how to create Superheroes and Villains, plus develop an action story. Students will learn drawing techniques and tips to master facial features, bodies in motion, as well as how to draw settings and props for a dramatic story. Classes will also cover basic drawing concepts, such as: shading, perspective, foreshortening and composition. Ideal for young artists who love to draw and want to refine their talent and skills.


– Fashion Design

Summer Camp with Ms. Amy
Design new clothes using mixed and recycled materials, atypical of materials ordinarily used for clothing design. Shape and texture will be a focus and students produce several design ideas using flat sketch techniques before embarking on their projects. An important topic of discussion includes materials, recycling and the lifecycle of a garment. Outcomes of the course include creativity in design, better understanding of 3 dimensional shape, construction techniques as well as a higher understanding of the effects of standard textile and garment production on the planet.

 – Lego Robotics

Students use the Lego Mindstorms Robotics NXT Kits to build and program real-life robotic solutions, fostering creative thinking & problem-solving. Science, technology & engineering are the main focus, in a fun & supportive environment. We also experiment with engineering kits! The Lego NXT Kits have been generously sponsored by the Corning Incorporated Foundation.

No Lego Robotic classes scheduled at this time.

cams, gears & cranes

– Metalsmithing & Jewelry Making

Learn to make earrings, pendants, rings and more in our metalsmithing lab. Work with metalsmithing tools to form, shape & design your own unique pieces. Polishing, wire wrapping & hot and cold process soldering will be the main focus of classes.


Metalsmithing for Adults
Metalsmithing for grades 4+


– Oil Painting

Oil Painting workshops with Rebekah Lowell:
Learn to be fearless as you create your own masterpiece in a 2 hour workshop with local artist, Rebekah Lowell. Students will be shown basic oil painting application and techniques to develop a beginner level skill set. Loosen up and have fun as you paint with the freedom to explore a new medium on your own canvas!

Rebekah Oil Painting

– Pastels

Exploring Pastels with Anne Gable Allaire:
These workshops are for those interested in learning to use pastels or who have some experience and want to learn more. Join us as we explore the tools and techniques needed to enjoy using this versatile medium! A materials list will be provided when registering. All levels welcome from beginners to advanced artists.

No Pastel classes scheduled at this time.


– Photography

River Tree offers intermittent photography workshops with local photographer, Michael Wilson for all levels and ages. From beginner to advanced we strive to offer classes that help photographers to master their skills.

Mastering your photography:
This course will cover manual controls of your camera and how best to use these to your advantage. The course will focus on controlling lighting, both continuous source and flash. We will address composition questions and talk about creating engaging images for others. This is a great workshop if you’re ready to step up your photography game. I will sit down with you one on one and discuss your existing work and how to build off you strengths.

No Photography classes scheduled at this time.


– Pottery & Ceramic Studio at RTA

Whether you are completely new to clay, or you have a strong background and simply haven’t pursued it in a while, our workshops are great for any level! Instructor, Cathy Hammond, brings with her many years of experience and expertise and instructor, Megan Holtham, has many tricks up her sleeve to offer beginners a fearless approach to clay.

Clay Club:
This class is for kids who love clay. Students will explore textures and many hand building techniques including “Balloon Containers,” “Leaf Bowls” and more. Students will experiment, learn the processes of clay and have the opportunity to glaze their final pieces. By way of pinch, coil, and slab construction, students are encouraged to tap into their imaginations and nurture their creative genius.

Ceramics for Adults & Teens:
Students learn the fundamentals of clay by way of hand building and an introduction to the potter’s wheel. This is an exciting, yet relaxed, atmosphere perfect for experimenting new techniques to build your very own tableware. In addition to clay work, students experience the process of glazing and firing. All finished items are durable and food-safe.

Ceramics for Seniors:
River Tree first offered this program to the community for free, thanks to funding by Kennebunk Savings Bank, and it was a huge hit. We now offer this class on a regular basis as a 4 week introduction to clay.  Students are introduced to simple hand building techniques to create beautiful tableware, as well as a chance to experiment on the pottery wheel. Demonstrations and examples are provided in each class to stimulate creativity and maximize productivity.


Clay Club for grades 1-5
Intro to Pottery for grades 6+
Handbuiling with Nature for Adults

clay platter  pottery hands

– Watercolors

Whether you are a DaVinci or a dabbler, join our art classes for friendship and fun painting in watercolors. Everything from how to apply the paint to composition and color will be covered. Supply list is available when registering. Don’t let this class fool you – even if you have taken watercolor classes before, Russel has many more tricks up his sleeve for you to learn. All levels welcome!

No Watercolor classes scheduled for Fall Session 1.
Watercolors with Russel, will resume in Fall Session 2 beginning in 
November 2016.

sunflower 7- russel