Pottery Studio

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Pottery Workshops

We offer various classes / workshops for different experience levels. Students will learn everything from trowing on the wheel, hand building techniques, patterns & textures, altering forms off the potter’s wheel and glazing. Our workshops are designed to cover everything from the basics to more advanced techniques to assure a variety of opportunity with clay. We use cone 6 stoneware and all finished products will be food safe. Be sure to check out the classes we are offering in the pottery studio today!


~ For Kids ~

Clay Club (for grades 3-5)
Accelerated Pottery (for grades 6+)
Creative Clay (for grades 6+)
Paint Your Own Pottery (workshop ages vary)

For Adults

Summer Ceramics
Adult Ceramics
Table for Two
Paint Your Own Pottery (PYO workshops offered on our Thursday Craft Nights. Check our Craft night schedule for more information on dates & times!)

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